Operational leasing with residual value

Operational <b>leasing with residual value</b>
  • Intended for physical and legal entities
  • Purpose: the use of the subject of the lease according to the “pay as you use” principle
  • Low monthly instalments due to residual value agreed upon in advance
  • The monthly instalment is recognized as an expense, and the VAT can be registered as advance tax (if the subject of the financing is a light delivery vehicle)
  • The duration of the contract is up to 72 months
  • The contract is tailored to your annual expenditures
  • The owner of the leasing subject is IMPULS-LEASING d.o.o.
  • We provide you with an offer that suits your needs best 
  • For all questions related to insurance cases of the leasing please contact the employees of IMPULS-LEASING.