General terms and conditions

General terms and <b>conditions</b>
The operational workflow of the Site

The company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. may at any time amend, terminate or suspend the operation of this website. This also applies to services, information, features and functions offered on this website .
The company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. reserves the right to limit the services made ​​available on this website or to limit the access to parts or an entire website without prior notice.
There is no right of use or availability of the IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. company website, or to services contained within it.
The company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. assumes no responsibility for any kind of interruption of operating performance or for technical malfunction of telephone network or lines, online computer systems, servers or providers, or for e-mail delivery.
Furthermore, the company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. disclaims any liability for manipulation of the AOP system of Internet users by unauthorized persons.

The overall content and structure of this website is copyright of IMPULS-LEASING Ltd.
The downloading or printing of individual pages and/or sub-sections of IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. company website is permitted only for private use, provided the user does not remove or change any copyright notices or any other protected intellectual property nor performs any other modifications.
Without express prior written permission of the company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. no part of the website can be used in any form by transferring, either electronically or by using other means or processes, reproduced or transmitted in any language used by machines, especially data processing devices, nor should it be transferred (either electronically or by other means), modified, linked or otherwise used for public or commercial purposes.
By using the website of the company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. the user does not acquire any intellectual property rights or licenses.
Any duplication of information or data about texts, parts of texts or visual materials requires the prior written consent of the company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd.
The company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. expressly reserves the right of multiplication through presentations, radio and television shows, by magnetic tape or any similar manner.
In the case of copying the software or other data from IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. company  website or in the case of multiplication in any other means, by website users, all property rights, copyrights, trademark rights and rights of use remain with the companyIMPULS-LEASING Ltd.
Data protection

When the user visits the IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. website the technical information and user data are automatically registered. The company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. undertakes to forward the data collected, processed and stored in the process of establishing connection /registration, and the use of services by clients only within the same institution, or her affiliated companies, and they shall not give them to any external third parties unless there is legal obligation or obligations ordered by the authorities, or if the client has given his/her explicit consent.

The company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. reserves the right to entrust third parties with the operational management or conduct of operational functions associated with managing this website.
Terms and Conditions

In amendments to the aforementioned provisions the General Conditions of the company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. apply.
Unless otherwise agreed, in the event of a discrepancy between the terms and conditions herein and understandings including contractual terms and conditions of the company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd., contractual understandings shall take precedence.
In case of discrepancies between the aforementioned conditions or general terms and conditions of the company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. and special agreements ("Special Conditions") regarding certain products and services offered on the website of the company IMPULS-LEASING Ltd. special conditions shall take precedence.

If some of the terms and conditions herein are or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of any other provision.