Keeping the trust of our clients is extremely important to us. We provide our clients with all the necessary assistance and service in all aspects of the leasing business. However, if you feel that you have a reason for an objection or complaint, we will pay due attention to it.
Who can I contact in case of complaint? How can I make a complaint?
  • Please contact a customer relations manager in or his immediate superior. It can be done personally, by phone or in writing (a letter, an e-mail).
  • You can use our Complaint Form.
  • If you consider that your complaint has not been dealt with appropriately, you can send a letter or an e-mail directly to the IMPULS-LEASING d.o.o.  management (by letter: IMPULS-LEASING d.o.o., za Upravu društva, V. Škorpika 24/I. 10090 Zagreb; by e-mail: pavlovic@impuls-leasing.hr)

What happens with your complaint?

Every complaint is processed fairly and objectively.  We investigate within the company, collect and review all the evidence and information relevant to the complaint that make the basis for making our decision.
We respond to the complaint as quickly as possible. Please note that some cases are more complex than they appear at first glance. If the processing of your complaint takes more time or unforeseen delays in processing occur, we shall notify you and indicate a possible due date.  If we are unable to either partially or fully meet your request, we shall notify you in writing, provide the explanation.